Interactive Whiteboards and Audio Visual Equipment

CAV have a great deal of experience with supplying and installing a broad range of AV equipment up and down the country. Interactive white boards are becoming increasingly popular and we are able to advise on the best solution to suit your budget and environment. It is important that the correct specification of projector and screen are used otherwise it is easy to end up with a small image on a big screen or vice versa.

If you are interested in integrating AV equipment into your establishment then please call us to arrange a site visit.

SMART Boards In Schools
Today virtually all schools up and down the country have started to incorporate interactive whiteboards into their classrooms. Interactive whiteboards bring a whole new dimension to teaching allowing exciting visual presentations to be displayed in the classroom and allow both pupils and staff to incorporate their own notes and save it as a a work sheet. This can be saved and added to later on or printed off as a finished article.

At CAV we have installed numerous SMART Boards along with video projectors and speaker systems into a board range of classrooms and schools.

If you would like to have interactive whiteboards installed into your school then contact us on 01453 751 865

Interactive whiteboards