Performing Arts

Many schools are embracing performing arts more than ever before and with this has come the need for lighting and sound equipment that can enable the productions being staged to take on a new dimension. Many schools are looking to light their shows with a larger amount and more powerful range of lanterns and utilize radio mics and high quality sound systems to bring a greater sense of realism and atmosphere to their productions. CAV have a wealth of experience in performing arts technology and can offer professional advice on a broad range of Lighting, Dimming, Staging and Sound Equipment and tailor this specifically to your performing arts requirements and of course your budget! We are able to offer both portable and installed solutions and will meet with you personally to discuss your exact requirements.

Performing arts lighting equipment


Whether you are performing an end of term production or simply practicing a simple drama project, incorporating creative lighting brings the show to life. CAV have a great deal of experience in designing and specifying both generic and intelligent lighting to help you get the most out of your performances and students. Our services extend from design and specifying through to installation, commissioning and training.

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Performing arts sound equipment


Whether you require a sound system suitable for voice and music reproduction in a large school hall or a smaller drama room, we can help. Many companies like to quote standard off the shelf products without considering the actual requirements of the establishment and the age and ability of the people needing to use it. With this in mind we always endeavor to arrange a site meeting with yourselves so we can discuss in detail your requirements and see the space for ourselves.

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